Bruid Van Die Jaar

In the sleepy South African costal town of Patensie, Linkie Van Heerden has dreamed of winning the coveted title of “Bruid Van Die Jaar” her whole life. But on the eve of her engagement party, 6 months away from the wedding she has been planning for 29 years, her world collapses when her fiancé comes out of the closet and announces he’s gay. After much “snot en tranne” Linkie realizes that she has the venue, the dress, the church… all she’s missing is a husband. In the remaining 6 months, Linkie and her life-long friend Martie, embark on an adventure to find a suitable husband who will guarantee Linkie’s life-long dreams of becoming the Bruid Van Die Jaar. But when a new dominee arrives on the scene who thinks the idea of getting married just to win a competition is heartless, Linkie’s motives are truly tested in this light-hearted dramedy about love, marriage and everything in-between.